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paintings & mixed media artwork

Yanic Nys (°1976) is an Antwerp mixed media artist who started making paintings in 2007.

As former owner of a large photo studio - located in an old metal construction factory in the center of Antwerp - Yanic Nys used these studios at night to create his large-format paintings.

During the daytime the studios were rented out for fashion shoots & video clips.

 At night Yanic Nys used the empty studios to create his large-format paintings.

Picture by Jeroen Hanselaer for MENZO magazine in 2009

At that time he mainly painted large bright close-up portraits of sexy women in oilpaint on canvas.

Yanic Nys in his temporary studio after selling his photo studios in 2010. 

Since 2019, after a stay of 7 years in the south of France, Yanic Nys has started again creating new artwork in which he combines painting, photography, collage and digital techniques.

He creates his images in Photoshop and Illustrator and then these images are split into a huge amount of layers and transferred to canvas or paper using thick layers of paint, ink, gel mediums, oil stick and pencil, mixed with collages, image transfers and various graphic elements.

These extra elements ensure that the paintings have a very graphic style, despite the rather rough painting technique - mostly with palette knives.

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